About Us


To be the most innovative & efficient content marketing agency across the borders of Africa by creating a sustainable ecosystem of creatives and creators that exceed our client’s creative expectations.


● We are safeguarding and protecting clients’ brand image to ensure consistent and coherent perception to the public.

● Providing innovative and creative solutions for their sales and marketing needs. Guaranteeing impact and cementing brand awareness.

Content is King, Content Marketing is Queen

We understand you want a brand that will generate leads, connect more with consumers and build a lasting impression that cements trust, authority and reassurance. The Power of Content Marketing to do that for you is a mission, we are here to make it possible.

Osmium Lesotho is a trusted content marketing Agency making sure your brand stays ahead with user centric Digital Content Marketing Strategy solutions including Social Media Marketing, Brand Strategy, Website and App Development and Brand Development.

With more than six (6) years doing digital Marketing in Lesotho, our trusted team has developed the experience, credibility and skills to make sure your brand generates conversion, leads and awareness.

Nice To Meet You

Motebang Senaoana

Business Development Manager

Skills: Blogging, Content Creation Strategy

Shekeshe Rankhasa

Marketing Project Manager

Skills: Photography, Project Management

Seeng 'Matheko Theko

Creative Strategist

Skills: Photography, Creative Design and Strategy, Content Curation

Lekokoto Nteso

Chief Financial Officer